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Could it be that Oil is NOT a Fossil Fuel? The Great Oil Scam!

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Watch the video, and read the article. After you do, ask yourself some hard questions, and do the research. Is it possible we could have been lied to all along about something we think of as basic, undeniable fact? Decide for yourself.

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Comment by SamFox
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Best of all, hemp. Right on!

Hey folks! Find out why NON psychoactive hemp was made illegal. Hemp is not the cannabis variety that 'hippies' smoke, so why make it illegal?

The answer is VERY surprising!! Find out why a lot of us think hemp products could help 'save the planet' & help our economy turn around in a big way.


Comment by PureTrust
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Oh boy. It won't be long before somebody manufactures some oil "synthetically." Like Hitler did in WWII. Like Mobile 1. Like all jet engines use since they first became practical. Manufactured from plants.

Does this mean that all our farmers who are subsidized NOT to grow plants in their fields, might be able to grow Jerusalem Artichoke, Sunflower, Corn, or best of all Hemp enough to supply the whole world?

I wonder, right.