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Baa Baa Sheeple: Arizonans back airport full-body scans

Pollster Earl de Berge said that of the people he questioned who actually take commercial flights, 74 percent said they support full-body scans that can see through clothing.

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Comment by Nick Saorsa
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Its all in the wording... which I'm sure is the reason you were looking for the poll, like I was. Total BS. I looked at the comments too.  Would you rather get anal probed or blown up in a jihadi islamofascist explo-allah-sion?

Comment by Trouser Chili
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This poll is BS.

All of the comments filed against the Tribune article are hostile to body scanners.

I could not find the actual poll online, just news articles with identical quotes about the poll and its pollster, Earl de Berge.  As such, I cannot verify what the questions were like.  They could have been, what do you prefer - physical pat downs or private body scanners... questions without any real choice that corner the respondent into the desired response.  I didn't spend that much time looking for the actual poll, so maybe a more resourceful FP reader will be able to find it.

Sounds like a puff piece designed to make the sheople accept the scanners.