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Al-Qaeda is a wounded but dangerous enemy

• Washington Post
In the past six weeks, Americans have witnessed two jarringly different -- but completely accurate -- views of al-Qaeda's terrorist network. One image was that of terrorist leaders being hunted down and killed by satellite-guided, pilotless aircraft. The other was of an agile foe slipping past U.S. defenses and increasingly intent on striking inside this country. 

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Comment by PureTrust
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You got it, Lucky Red.

This whole debacle in the Middle East, along with the oath-breaking, trust-breaking of the Government officials in the United States Government, is all part of the super-rich moving to take over the whole world through whatever means they can.

History repeats itself.

Comment by Lucky Red
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 Yeah...sadly, the only thing those satellite-guided, pilotless aircraft have killed are innocent women and children.  But, hey, who's counting?  As for the "terrorists" they're alive and well and maning satellite-guided, pilotless aircrafts

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