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State of the Union - More Marxism, Less Liberty

• The Herald Gazette
While watching the 3 ring circus known as President Obama's first state of the union address, I couldn't help but wonder what they were smoking. From the fake grins plastered on the faces of Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi to the endless standing ovations over every other sentence uttered by the President – it was a surreal event. But we should focus on one main point – this is not about President Obama. While he was the Messenger-In-Chief, your attention should be directed at those standing in front and behind him. Mr. Obama is really just a figurehead for the organized crime syndicate in control of Washington DC. Because you see, Obama is correct in this one regard. The problems we face today stem from years of unconstitutional legislation passed by the gang of thugs known as Congresspersons and Senators. In fact, Republicans as well as Democrats are complicit in the devaluation of the dollar, the banking crisis, the loss of jobs, and the attacks on individual liberty. But Mr. Obama, l

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Comment by Sharon Jarvis
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If anyone was smoking funny cigarettes, it was the author of the article.

Comment by Lucky Red
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 More Marxism, huh?  Yeah, I can't stand all that taking fom the rich to give to the poor thing anymore.


Oh, no, wait a minute!  There hasn't been any of that...but, it's Communism anyway