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Afghan Cabinet: NATO airstrike kills at least 33

• AP
A NATO airstrike in southern Afghanistan killed at least 33 civilians, the Afghan cabinet said Monday, an incident that is inflaming already heightened sensitivities over noncombatant casualties in the war.

In a statement released on Monday, the Afghanistan Council of Ministers strongly condemned the airstrike, saying it was "unjustifiable."

NATO forces confirmed in a statement that its planes fired Sunday on what it believed was a group of insurgents in southern Uruzgan province on their way to attack a joint NATO-Afghan patrol, but later discovered that women and children were hurt. The injured were transported to medical facilities. 

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Comment by PureTrust
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The real reason that the U.S. is fighting in Afghanistan is that there are a group of freedom fighters who will not join the International Monetary Fund, or the U.N. or other such organizations of world domination for the big bankers.

Sure, there are financial gains of all sorts that go along with the war:
1. Securing oil money;
2. Taking control of what is called illegal drug traffic;
3. Stealing as many natural resources from the people as possible.

All these things have happened to the people of the United States.

You've heard of synthetic oil? Farmers grow the crops that can be converted into SO - and gasoline... if they are not subsidized to grow nothing.

We are gradually losing our freedom to natural remedies - including food. The big pharmaceutical companies are taking control.

And who do you think has control of a whole bunch of our nation's public lands? NO, not the U.N. Couldn't be!

And the income tax was prohibited by the Constitution with regard to the public sector. But Government has tricked their way around this. It is BAD FAITH on the part of all Congress members who will not repeal the income tax. (Look up bad faith in legal dictionaries and encyclopedias.)

Our friends, the Afghan fighters, don't realize that they are our friends... and we don't realize it either. They are the ones who are the last stronghold against one world government.