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Al-Qaeda-in-America - by Justin Raimondo

• AntiWar
We’re fighting them over there so we don’t have to fight them over here. That, you’ll recall, was the message pounded home in the early days of the Long War – essentially the same tired old cold war line trotted out by the neocons and revamped for the age of terrorism. If we don’t stop them in Central America, the (Sandinistas, Cubans, Salvadoran rebels) will be in Texas soon enough.

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Comment by TL Winslow
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..."a blog linked to wacko extremists like Robert Spencer, the Islam-hating polemicist, and the frothy-mouthed Pamela Geller, whose associations with European fascists have been amply documented by Charles Johnson."

Spencer and Gellar are JEWS, so linking them with Euro neo-Nazis shows you up as dumber than a dog turd. Everybody can be proven guilty of association with every view on Earth, but like any tree judge their track records of bearing fruit. These fine Americans are knowledgeable about the horrific threat of Islam to the entire West, like you aren't, and know that when it comes to Islam it's not about left-right-center anymore, it's Islam vs. the entire West. Only a sicko Commie who hates the West enough to destroy it from within would promote mass Muslim immigration and the inevitable Islamization that will result as this intolerant monocultural monolith refuses to assimilate and creates "stans" everywhere it can get away with it. It was Hitler who was friendly with Islam and its muftis, or can't you read history that far back? Learn Islam's hairy history going back all 1600 years free online with the Historyscoper and see how unwacko and unfrothy-mouthed Spencer and Gellar are at