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Glenn Beck goes after Ventura

Glenn Beck is at it again adding to his already huge list of enemies. However its not 9/11 truth or liberals he’s going after this time. Its none other then former governor of Minnesota Jesse Ventura. During one of his radio shows Glenn decided to comment on Ventura’s opinion of peoples lack of protesting of the loss habeas corpus due to things like the patriot act. Which Mr, Beck was a huge supporter of. He then went up to call him a big dumb wrestler and a bully.

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Comment by Dan Case
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 Glenn Beck Is A 10 Million Dollar a Year A-hole ...

TOTAL NWO Shill -- Paid-off By The Banksters ( Thank You GB, For Selling Out Our Republic -- You F--King A-Hole ... I Hope You Enjoy Your "New World Order!" (

Comment by Dracula Tepish
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GLEN BECK is a coward and to bit shill

who is stupid and retarded keep it up moron your going to be called on your bs

as a cowardly little kurr who is a pawn for his useless boss who is rupert murdock

wake up people he is not a real person a major plastic critter who is paid to turn you in


Comment by Don Wills
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STOP THE PRESSES! EXTRA EXTRA! Beck Calls Ventura a Big, Dumb Wrestler and a Bully.

So what? Beck's imitation of Ventura was pretty funny and for all I know Ventura is a bully.