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FBI Destroyed File on Obama's Grandfather

Frank Marshall Davis In response to a Freedom of Information Act request, the FBI has formally acknowledged a file existed on President Barack Obama's grandfather, Stanley Armour Dunham, that was destroyed May 1, 1997. The FBI previously released some 600 pages of the FBI file of Frank Marshall Davis, the Chicago-based journalist and poet who as a member of the Communist Party USA retired in Hawaii and befriended Dunham. Obama frequently sought advice from Davis during the future president's elementary and high school years. Until the FBI's response to the FOIA request, there was no public disclosure of the existence of a file on Obama's grandfather. The file raises the question whether the FBI considered Dunham to be a national security risk, possibly because of his association with Davis. WND previously reported Davis, frequently accompanied by young Obama and his grandfather, sold marijuana and cocaine from a Chicago-style hot dog cart Davis operated near his home

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Comment by Ross Wolf
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One need only look to the White House to confirm how a promulgated ideology (socialism) can influence a child and destroy a nation. Obama a red diaper baby inherently does not represent Americans, but a Marxist ideology—that mandates forcing socialism on U.S. Citizens—at the costs of destroying the economy and our Constitution. Obama appears intended to weaken or kill the spirit of individualism that made America strong. If Obama-ism is not stopped it will spread like a disease infecting our youth, inspiring a form of Marxist-socialism that will destroy quality of life for Americans. Let there be no doubt—Patriots are at War with those in our nation that intend a rein of RED TERROR on the principals that made America great. Patriots to neutralize the leftist (Socialist) agenda, will need to participate in aggressive grass-roots organizations that are relentless in their pursuit to educate Americans how Socialism/Marxism now threaten the economy, their jobs, their quality of life and will curtail their Constitutional Freedoms.


Comment by tinalouise
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An extensive amount of research, including photographs, photo-shopped photographs, travel, and bogus family history is all exposed by researcher, Don Nicoloff. To see a complete list of Mr. Nicoloff's articles and research, go to "". There,  you can find printable articles, and more. Please do Mr. Nicoloff the courtesy of referencing him if you choose to use any of his articles, photos or research. I, and others, have asked Mr. Nicoloff to publish his papers. They are absolutely spell-binding. The whole family were plants and infiltrators. Go see!