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The Income Tax and American Servitude - by Jacob G. Hornberger

• Jacob G. Hornberger

With April 15 almost upon us, this would be a good time to remind ourselves of how the income tax contributed to the destruction of American liberty.

We should first keep in mind that with the exception of the Civil War, the American people lived without an income tax from the beginning of the United States until 1913, when the 16th Amendment was adopted.

This was not an accident. Americans living during that period of time understood that freedom and an income tax were contradictory notions. If people wanted to live in a free society, it would have to be a society in which government was prohibited from levying taxes on income. Conversely, if people wanted to live in a society in which government is taxing income, then the price they pay is the loss of freedom.


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Comment by Olde Reb
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Perhaps if an individual is interested in: 1) how LIBERTY as secured within the Constitution includes the Right to pursue a livelihood and how such constitutional Rights are not suitable objects for taxation; 2) how the IRS removed liability for an income tax upon individuals in 1954; 3) how the courts distort case law to claim liability for an income tax is established by IRC 7201 et al, you might find reading of interest.


Comment by Cronus de Gaia
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If you found this article interesting, you will probably enjoy reading Why Taxation Is Slavery, at .

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