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Couple Arrested At U.S. Border For Asking Questions


In another perfect illustration of why the U.S. tourist industry is in free fall, audio has emerged of a Canadian couple who were interrogated and arrested by immigration officials after they dared to inquire as to why they were being asked such pointless and invasive questions.

Attempting to enter the U.S. at the Niagara Falls border, the couple were asked where they were going, to which they responded the Niagara Falls shopping mall. When the immigration official bizarrely demanded to know what shops they were planning to visit, the situation quickly worsened.

After daring to ask why they were being bombarded with such ridiculous questions, they were told to exit their car and are taken inside for further interrogation by another official. When the Canadian man rhetorically asks, “what are you gonna do, shoot me” the officials claim he is threatening them before he is arrested.


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Comment by Patriot 2012
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What is wrong with this? Every day we see stupidity and all I see is whimpy americans do nothing. Those in this government that belongs to us are so brain dead our country and way of life is now Hell! I see no change for the better rather people are throwing their lives away to the mercy of those with money. More and more we are having very stupid people dictating policy and they are a National Security Threat to all of Americans. I am getting to the point whereas I do not want to live in this Country anymore because of the extreme radical terrorist in DC that are hell bent on destroying our culture and country. If by any means we are to change this country, it will not be by elections, but by force. Its our right that government does not want to acknowledge ever to us and won't! They have change the status quo to their rules. Forget about us. If we want to live here we have to abide by their rules. If we want to live by the Constitution by our Founding Fathers that means Kicking the hell out of those illegals and our Government. Otherwise its war on DC or leave this country for good! I might just have to leave and could be better off. This is a warning. The US Government will continue to oppress us all. 

Comment by Ken Valentine
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"All the things we fought against in World War II, our own government is doing to us today." -- A.M. Valentine, a totally disabled veteran who was blinded on Iwo Jima.

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