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Detroit SWAT raids wrong apartment - kills 7 yr. old girl

• The Detroit News
"They blew my granddaughter's brains out. They killed her right before my eyes," Jones said. "I watched the light go out of her eyes. I seen it."

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Comment by Jerry Alexander
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Take the mask off,stand them in the square...tell them to bring their Mothers,and Children with them.

All of them will LIE,and then find a Judge that will set them free.....very easy task indeed!

Americans are such Stupid People.This kind of thing goes on in America all the time...the Killers %99 of the time go free.

America has an x Mayor that scooped up dead fireman,and sent them to the DUMP yet Politicians like him.They even ask him to campaign for them....Stupid Americans!!!

The Coward American`s,along with the"MSM" will destroy you country...and you don`t care as long as they don`t bother you........."Stupid American`s".

Comment by Nick Barnett
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This is so disgusting. Hopefully with this and the other video that surfaced (SWAT shooting dogs), its going to open peoples' eyes to how out of control the pirates are.

Comment by Dracula Tepish
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these pigs violated the law and murdered a child dont matter about collor

the chicken cowards deserve they get and soon for they are under judgement now

people away dont let these scum sucker get away with murder