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Should businesses be punished for banning guns?

• Arizona Daily Star

A national debate has broken out over businesses' policies on patrons who carry guns, and the debate has become particularly potent in Tucson.

A locally based website, with the curious name GunBurger, allows users to check out lists of "pro" restaurants — that is, those who allow customers to carry guns — and "anti" restaurants — those who prohibit guns. The Arizona Citizens Defense League offers templates of business-sized cards to hand out to businesses who ban guns, explaining that they're losing business as a result.


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Comment by Found Zero
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Hmmm. This is a pretty complicated scenario. If guys that like guns pressure people who do not like guns into accepting them, what do guys like me with guns do?

Show up with guns to defend the people who do not like guns?

Hmmmm.....yeah, that's what us guys with guns do. Defend people. So that puts us guys with guns against you guys with guns.

Hey, you guys with guns, don't pressure my people who don't like guns, otherwise I might think I have to defend them with my guns. And that would be the opposite of good. That would be not-good. Un-good. Retro-good. Anti-good. Every damn thing but good.

Comment by Nick Barnett
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Its simple property rights. Private businesses should be able to do as they please... and we can patronize them, or not, based on their decisions.  Just because businesses are forced to associate with people they may not wish to does not mean that we should force them to accept weapons. Ya know how it goes, 2 wrongs don't make a RIGHT :)

Comment by G Cone
Entered on:

If a business is required to accommodate everyone regardless of race they shouldn't be allowed to discriminate based on a person's preference to carry or not carry.  

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