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Adam Kokesh's Congressional Dist. 3 Race Results page (updating continuously)


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Comment by hirize
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  What a sad day it is that 71% of the NM 3rd District is still so dead asleep, delusional, programmed or just plain terribly stuck on stupid.  This is a lost battle but the war rages on.  I sincerely hope that Adam Kokesh will stay the course in whatever capacity this true Patriot decides is best.

Comment by foundZero
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Well there's nothing like getting totally creamed is there? But still, 30% isn't the single-digit ass-handing we usually get. 30% isn't an outright repudiation by the public. Actually, 30% is enough to send a message in and of itself.

I guess I'm with TommiT. Consider this: we went from absolute 0 to 30% is just one race. Much as I'd like to be mopey and negative, 30% isn't all that bad. Heck, that's pretty good.

You just have to develop that thick libertarian skin that's always used to disappointment. Basically, our meters read anywhere from disappointment to abject failure. So our meters are reading as positive as they ever have. Our distant imitation of happiness.

Comment by Kuerno Dechivo
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I am really starting to think 'we' (as a country) deserve what we got coming.

It amazes me how the co-opted tea-party repuplicans continue to try to explain to me how they are awake now and proconstitutional with a true North-Star yet time after time they reject true freedom candidates. 



Comment by TommiT
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Adam has gotten his name out in front of the public.  His following will grow just like Ron Paul's did.  I worked for a couple of young politicians here in the Phoenix area.  Both lost their first races and won their second races.  Keep up the good work, Adam Kokesh!

Comment by Nick Saorsa
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Looks like he is toast... I'm sorry for the people of NM, they could have had a much better person with Kokesh. At least he tried.