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Meat from a Petri Dish = Total Control of the Food Supply

• Farm Wars
Thank you Marc Hardy for bringing this to my attention. When I saw this article, my first reaction was: OMG! That’s it! That is why they are getting rid of all of the wild herds of bison, horses, and elk. They want to grow their own meat without the need for actual animals. That is why they want so much animal DNA. It’s for these experiments! Total control of the food supply down to the cellular level. Patented meat, straight from the lab to the table. 

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Comment by Die Daily
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Justin, I think you miss the point. Your generalizations hold true only to a limited extent. Let's take weaponized Anthrax powder, for example. This is technology that violates the supposed principles you put forward. It does not increase individual power or freedom. It is certainly something to be afraid of. It need never have been made. It should be unmade.

As for your feeling that the elites want us to fear technology, that's a big NO. Just plain totally wrong. They want us to worship it. As a scientist myself, it has been very painful to watch the power-money elite corrupt the scientific method. You can't trust many or most of the studies conducted by PhD's anymore, without a full audit of both their methods AND their funding sources. From pharmacology to AGW, science has become $¢i¥en¢e. They don't call it a scientific dictatorship for nothing.

The mind sciences are the scariest and most whored-out. Beware. Once compromised, you may exhibit strange beliefs that are at odds with all the apparent facts, such as that the elites want us to fear technology. They want us to commend ourselves passively into the hands of a scientific elite that has been cherry picked such that the very sick have risen into prominence.

Comment by Farm Wars
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Actually, there are just some things that should not be done even if we can. For instance, we can place our hand in a flame. Should we? NOT! Technology itself is not good or bad, but its use can be either. We've already seen what the biotech industry has done with seeds and patents. What exactly do you think is going to happen with this? No, it is not benign or beneficial, especially when in the wrong hands, and that is exactly where it will be. 

Comment by Justen Robertson
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I think you're putting an unnecessarily negative light on this. We all know that gene patents are bunk, but the technology to "cut out the middle man" - the animal - in meat production can be extremely positive when the control system is cut out, which it will be - as with all technology. Technology empowers the individual, it has always done so. It is not something to fear. Fear of technology is what elites want to instill in you. They want you to wallow in ignorance and misery while they enjoy its fruits.

It keeps them empowered and you disempowered. The thing about tech is that it's not magic; it works the same for everyone. That is why force (here in the form of patent law) is used to keep technology for a select few - because if everyone is using it there's no angle to exploit. To attack the technology is to miss the point; oppose instead those who use it to harm you or threaten to hurt you if you use it to empower yourself.