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FTC: Seeking to Cripple Sites Like

Once Congress has the power to fund the news, it can at any time attach "strings" designed to promote certain viewpoints - in the name of fairness, of course. Each year at budget time, the Fourth Estate would scramble to be worthy in the eyes of Capitol Hill for increased support. It is hardly a surprise that the heavily subsidized National Public Radio frequently presents issues in a way favorable to Washington's tax-and-spend agenda.

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Comment by Ernest Hancock
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This already happens with Radio and TV. "Broadcasting in the Public Interest". Never heard that phrase before?

At least since the Clinton Administration they have been giving credit for "Broadcasting in the Public Interest" with embedded messages in sitcoms rather than PSAs (Public Service Announcements) taking up valuable commercial time.

Drug War, Sex Education, Kids having Kids etc etc. These approved scripts from the administrations give them "Broadcasting in the Public Interest" credits for when they seek approval for their license.


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