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Lindsey Williams Explains The Oil and Deadly Gas Apocalypse

Appearing on the Alex Jones Show on June 10, 2010, paster Lindsey Williams reveals the real threat posed by the leak. The Obama administration and BP are doing everything they can to hide the ominous truth. You must share this video...

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Comment by Die Daily
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Yeah, there are serious accuracy problems with his numbers, not that I disagree with the overall gist of his notion that we have BIG problems here. Even the benzene numbers that he quotes are well within the safety levels. (3000 ppb = 3 ppm, and unsafe threshold is set at about 10 ppm = 10000 ppb).

The EPA publishes 24/7 air sampling data from a dozen or so stations near the blowout in fairly close to real time: . I'm not saying that the EPA management is trustworthy, by any stretch, but it's pretty hard to fake a dozen massive data-streams constantly EXCEPT perhaps by choosing inappropriate techniques beforehand, as has sometimes happened in the past. I wouldn't put it past them to think about trying a scam like that, but it would probably be too technically challenging for them. Also, most EPA corruption is at the top. Most of the rank and file are OK.

One caller claimed that his friend in the EPA cited management concerns about Vanadium coming from the well. This is very plausible as various assays of marine life in the gulf in the past have found unusual concentrations of Vanadium and Nickel in oyster and clam shells. Vanadium, in virtually every unbound form, is BAD BAD BAD, in case any were wondering.

I always take the good pastor with a grain of salt. He gets some things right, but he seems wildly off on important details most times. Furthermore, if he's relaying info from an insider, one would expect they could now use him at will by feeding him bad info. You never know, though, so I consider what he says.

The worst, most obviously incorrect, thing he states is that "there was no conspiracy", "this was an accident". So why did JP Morgan dump half it's BP shares and nakedly short the rest? Why did some of their European counterparts dump over 90%? Why, in each case, didn't they dump any other companies. For the insiders, this was very clearly not an unexpected event.

Comment by Packitin Urpopo
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re: 6/11/10 program

The man lies! OSHA states allowable limits in parts per million, not parts per billion. Multiply times 1000 to get the true figure. The one for benzene is the only one even close.