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Hispanics abandon Arizona, fleeing economy, immigration law

Although concrete figures are not available, anecdotal evidence suggests Hispanics, both legal residents and illegal immigrants, are starting to flee.

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Comment by Die Daily
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What Oyote said. Plus, this can't really be attributed to 1070 without evidence. For instance, the Stadmiller-Chapman-Noel round tables have been remarking for almost a YEAR that at least 1/3 of immigrants seem to have headed home for lack of work here. If 1070 has anything to do with it, we'd look for a definite spike in the already well established trend of their mass-exodus. I'm of the Libertarian mindset that says these things take care of themselves. (Obviously not when the gummint is meddling in EITHER direction...that's just a nightmare, and the immigrants get used as political playing pieces no matter how you slice it. I don't favor legislation pro- or con- on this issue.)

Comment by foundZero
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“If I were able to conduct an experiment and pay all of Arizona’s undocumented workers to not work for two weeks, the economy would come to a screeching, crashing halt instantaneously.” said Gutierrez.

You know, in "normal" times this might very well be true. Particularly for our agricultural sector, we already have a hard enough time competing with Mexican producers. Our tourist and hospitality industry has long relied on cheap labour to remain competitive and our wealthy residents are long-used to getting their granite counter tops intalled and their properties landscaped for cut-rate prices.

However, at this time, there are literally HUNDREDS of Arizonans lining up for ANY available job for ANY amount of money. So Gutierrez is in la-la land. This eonomy can't come to a screetching halt because IT'S ALREADY MOTIONLESS. In other words, the economic downturn has spared us any pain from this phenomenon.

Comment by smokestack
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 Don't let the door hit you in the a## on the way out.

Comment by Maddawg Mcclowski
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Don't go away mad, Just go away................. 

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