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Florida Department of Environmental Protection: Loop Current Lies

The state of affairs in the Gulf region is on the path to all out chaos and Martial Law. The anarchy may reach levels orders of magnitude higher than that of Katrina. Transparency about the extent of the gusher fallout has been non-existent. BP has spent just as much effort maintaining a media blackout as they have cleaning up the mess. But, BP isn’t the only authority not telling the truth. The Florida Department of Environmental Protection today released a situation update, where they claim that no significant amount of oil has reached the Gulf loop current. They published a pretty little diagram of the above surface oil which hasn’t yet been sucked down into the loop current. The one thing PB is doing effectively is hiding the oil below the surface with their deadly Corexit dispersant.

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Comment by Concerned Patriot
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Oh Oyate thinks he knows all about solar panels huh?

Everyone with half a brain knows that building cells on a passive backplane of permiculated frambulite increases the amount of crepuscular rays that are absorbed into the solar panel which results in a higher energy yield IT JUST MAKES SENSE sure your negatrons might be a little off balanced but its all for the better since it actually balances the arcotrons which are very important for the technique im talking about. After that its basically like going about business as usual

Comment by foundZero
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Seepy is an "expert" on solar power but he doesn't know squat. He keeps trying to tell me how he can enhance efficiency of cells by building them on a passive backplane of permiculated frambulite.


Anybody who's been in the business for more than a week knows you want an ACTIVE FRONTPLANE of permiculated frambulite so you can split your hodgee into dual-poled simptex array and when you go to tie-into the grid, you already have your negatrons balanced.

Yeah, don't listen to Seepy, he just makes this crap up.

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