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Gulf Oil Spill - The Greatest Disaster Since The Flood?

Worst case? The methane bubble explodes, causing a tsunami that wipes out 80% of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida. Large portions of Texas are also destroyed. The Gulf islands and Mexico will be in the same boat. All of the oil platforms currently drilling in the Gulf would be torn away from their moorings, creating further oil leaks that would exacerbate the problems already there. Does all of this sound fantastic and like I’m completely off of my rocker? I know it does to me, and I’m writing the dang article. But I just can’t get away from the fact that this is where the trail of evidence leads me. Three and a half million barrels of oil don’t just disappear. A methane bubble that size at those pressures doesn’t just quit pumping. So I’m asking someone to tell me that I’m nuts, and why. Tell me that none of my reasoning makes sense and what the real answers are.

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Comment by Craig Stritar
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Couple of things required to make fire. Fuel, heat, and oxygen. Got plenty of fuel. Not much heat, but something could always cause a spark, but something is still missing fromt the equation.

If the methane bubble was going to explode, one of them would have done so by now while lying underneath the crust for all those eons. Somewhere on the planet, a fissure would have allowed magma would to light one off by now were it not for the lack of a ready supply of oh-two.

Comment by foundZero
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Ah....if that happens then we have nuclear winter and the devatation of most life and organized societies on Earth. Game over.