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Perfect -- Eric Holder's DOJ crony leading SB1070 challenge is member of the "Gitmo 9"

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Helping to lead the charge against the citizens of the southwestern state is a man named Tony West. West is notorious for his de facto membership in the "Gitmo-9". As an attorney in the San Francisco law firm of Morrison & Foerster, West reportedly represented terrorists with direct and/or indirect involvement in the 9/11 terrorist attacks. In fact, West joined the firm less than three months after 9/11, presumably to begin defending those who sought to kill American innocents. More....

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Comment by Die Daily
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Socialism/Marxism? Fascism/Capitalism? Dude, what's the freakin' difference? I mean really? That left-right nonsense is, well, nonsense. There is freedom vs. statism. And if you want so burn down Obama, lose that Commie-hunting tone. It's so last century. Burn down his left cover. Expose him for the right-wing neocon that he is. Marxist? Whatever. Fascist? Sure, he's that too. So what. Get with the fundamental program. There is freedom and there is statism. Attacking the far left from the position of the far right is ridiculous.

Comment by Ross Wolf
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Most Americans have never heard of the leftist End Game, if they did they would understand where Obama intends to take America. Historically leftists have believed Socialism/Marxism can only be achieved through deceit, lies and sacrificing anyone to advance their cause. Obama has already sacrificed the trust of Americans, repeatedly lied about most everything since he took office, and in the run up to the White House duped middle of the road Democrats to elect him President. Now Obama is ready to sacrifice the entire Democratic Party next election giving amnesty to 12 million illegal immigrants. Middle of the road Democrats just can’t understand why Obama will throw them under the bus in November if he can get amnesty first for 12 million illegal immigrants.

Obama wants to insure that when he leaves office, 12 million illegal immigrants can stay in the U.S. and the border is still open so 12 million more illegal immigrants can enter America; that will insure Obama’s leftist constituency can find back to back several million foreign born residents to push a Marxist U.S. Government. Do Americans actually think anything they say in protest will discourage Mexican illegal immigrants moving to their state? Mexican illegal immigrants come from a country where force is commonplace. But illegal immigrants do understand getting arrested by police and that is why they have to shut down Arizona’s new anti-immigration law. Arizona’s new law threatens the leftist agenda that includes overburdening financially U.S. Government, local and state infrastructures to cause economic chaos.  Leftists historically move on democracies to take power when things are in chaos. Obama is now in position to cause that chaos. But unexpectedly, to the dismay of the left, Americans in state after state are standing up to support Arizona. If the Arizona law passes in enough states, and amnesty does not pass, the leftists will have lost a strong weapon to destroy America.