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Migrants sell up and flee Arizona ahead of crackdown

• Reuters
Nicaraguan mother Lorena Aguilar hawks a television set and a few clothes on the baking sidewalk outside her west Phoenix apartment block.

A few paces up the street, her undocumented Mexican neighbor Wendi Villasenor touts a kitchen table, some chairs and a few dishes as her family scrambles to get out of Arizona ahead of a looming crackdown on illegal immigrants.

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Comment by foundZero
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Next time you hear the judge (or anyone else) pine for the good old days of Reagan conservativism remember this sad affair and lay some blame on his grave. We'll still be suffering his militarization of central and South America, the death squads, the SOA-trained assasins that now turn our armaments against us for a long time to come. A good many of these people came here to escape the reality we created for them there. And they can't be 100% blamed for a few decades of mixed signals from our politicians and We The People ourselves. And while this still might seem like a net-positive, the effect on our Arizona economy is completely unpredictable. We can safely assume the absence of a large sector of the community will provide immediate relief to emergency services but elsewhere, can we expect services to be re-allocated? Or will the government workers with nobody to serve simply continue to collect paychecks for sitting around and doing nothing? This is government after all. Doesn't the latter sound more predictable to you?

What happens when a large sector of an economy simply VANISHES? The wage-earners, the stores that served them, the media that grew up around them, the whole thing with it's production and consumption simply goes away? Will the "white economy" be agnostic to this? One thing seems clear, the illegal economy interfaced with the white economy in one main place: rental properties. Already at overcapacity, the rental market in Phoenix is gonna start looking REAL GOOD. For the renters. The landlords are gonna take a trip to granny's carpet shop for another beating.

So what will this all do for the Arizona worker? I can tell you one thing first-hand. There is a rush on to fill all the manual labour openings here in the mountains but we're not going to experience any shortages. We have plenty of people to fill those jobs. All you have to be willing to do is work as hard as the illegals for the same wage. For our agricultural sector, I don't see this as being a win. They are up against global competition and they are already loosing.

Comment by Joseph Klein
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Be grateful! You are getting an opportunity to self-deport! There will be no record if you desire to re-enter legally in the future. Enjoy getting back to your homeland! Get active in your own communities! Improve them! Vaya con Dios!