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Pastor acquitted in Interstate 8 checkpoint incident

• James Gilbert via
A Baptist pastor who claimed he was beaten by law enforcement officers at an interstate checkpoint was acquitted Friday of two misdemeanor charges related to the incident.

The encounter happened on Interstate 8 east of Yuma in April of last year

Steven Anderson, who is minister of Faithful Word Baptist Church in Tempe, was found not guilty Friday afternoon after a two-day trial on charges of obstructing a highway and failure to obey instructions of a law enforcement officer.

“I'm thrilled. I'm happy about it,” Anderson said moments after the verdict was handed down. “I think it asks the question ‘Why was someone who was found in court not to be doing anything wrong, was brutalized and tasered like I was.'”

Anderson was driving east on Interstate 8 on April 14, 2009 when he drove into the Border Patrol checkpoint at milepost 78. While at the checkpoint, Anderson was stopped and questioned by a Border Patrol agent about his citizenship.

Anderson did not answer and instead replied that he was exercising his Constitutional rights and did not want to answer any questions. He kept asking if he was free to leave.

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Comment by stupid Amerkin
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So now what happens? Here the pastor was the one violated, abused and violently injured and yet he was the one in court defending himself against the criminal thugs that beat him up. IS THIS FOR REAL?  So do these nazi thugs they call boarder patrol just go back to their status quo of beating people up who do not respond in the way they think you should? We are either in the Twilight Zone or Amerkia.


Can't wait to see the next victims if they make it through alive.

Comment by Chip Saunders
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 That is a very funny comment.

I suppose the black activists in the south during the 50's and 60's were wasting a lot of the policemen's time as well. But thank God they did!

Besides,'s not like these Border Patrol guys were actually doing anything effective. They were monitoring American citizens travelling the roads, not border crossers crossing the border. They were ALREADY wasting their time, and your money! Geez!

Comment by jimbo
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 how much taxpayer money wasWASTED simply because the Pastor was obstinate?  A man of God.....refusing many times and ways to be an uncooperative citizen?  How much time and effort would have been expended to cooperate? There is great trouble in that part of the nation, and citizens need to understand and cooperate for the common good.  Better, far bette that the Pastor expend his energies to have the Federal Government protect our border(s). There has to be more to this, what is the full story and background of the renown Pastor?