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Unregulated Greed has Destroyed the Capitalist System

• arclein
But this is a different story. To get back to deregulation, nothing has worked for the consumer since deregulation. Deregulation permitted corporations to impose their c

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I view this written piece as "I-told-you-so" can-opener for unregulated greed in our free enterprise system that faults libertarian lovers of freedom whose brains are below not above their shoulders. Notice carefully that I have had several of those can-openers [eye-openers, if you wish] published here in this site so far as a therapy to those who are very sick of this non-interventionist belief declared honestly or dishonestly in public -- that the capitalist market system should be free of government regulations or in the name of freedom, let’s just be free and feed the system to the dogs.

The problem of anarchists disguised as libertarian extremists destroying the pure concept of liberty, is this fallacious advocacy of freedom against the government, as if life is a license to live according to anyone’s individual wishes not in the world of Order in a civilized society but in the world of Disorder free of any form of government or control. Now we have this problem of freedom of the state to do what it wants to do in the name of self-defense against illegal immigration, and to hell with the Federal Government that by law says no you cannot do that.

But you may be surprise. I am routing for the state’s right to course-plot its own destiny, as long as it does not make a toilet paper out of our written Constitution that would embarrass to death the legacy of our great forefathers who in their grave are probably biting their lips for what they have done or left undone.

For a free-immigrant America, closing the gate to immigrants not just from Mexico but elsewhere – conservationists including skinheads and the rest of racial ecologists believed we have too many of them we are bursting in the seam already -- I received some suggestions that Frosty Wooldridge should be our official spokesman for Arizona.

For your information, I also received a titillating recommendation from the same source, but I refused to accept similar honor to speak for enlightenment against the abuse of freedom, for fear of the knives of birdbrains being used in a character assassination attempt, not just once but more than once too many.

Comment by Mike Renzulli (5236)
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Yes those evil capitalists did it. Not the government. They NEVER make mistakes.

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