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Seattle Police Shoot and Kill Whittling Man

The Seattle police have another controversial shooting on their hands. In this case a man was sitting on a fence and whittling what looked like a wooden doll’s head. A police officer stopped and demanded to know what he was doing. According to an eyewitness, the man stood up and walked toward the officer despite demands that he stop. He was then shot and killed about 4:15 p.m.

A witness Court Roberson said that he witnessed the police shoot the man four or five times.


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Comment by Ross Wolf
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It seems every week there is a report of police using unwarranted lethal or non-lethal force against a Citizen. In the case of the man shot several times with a whittling knife, one would think a police officer of (average intelligence) would consider non-lethal options before emptying his gun. Could this police officer have stepped back; used non-lethal weapons; called for non-lethal weapons to deal with the situation? Many such lethal police actions have been reported against poor persons e.g. homeless and persons mentally impaired that allegedly—failed to follow a police command or gave police probable cause to shoot them because they had in their possession an item police allege a potential weapon. It appears Police, need only claim they were in fear of their life to getaway with murder.

During the 1970’s/80’s in South America, unwarranted police shootings were so prevalent, the public became desensitized to the killings; that allowed police to use their authority to assassinate anyone deemed politically undesirable by the government. Now that millions of Americans face the prospect of their economic collapse that they could end up on the street, Americans appear more alert to unwarranted force used by police especially against poor Americans.

Can Police non-lethal weapons Lead to More Violence? Prior to police having access to non-lethal weapons they were restrained, police could not lawfully shoot protesters causing an unlawful disturbance. When Police used batons or tear gas to deal with protesters they often caused injury and ended up on the Six O’clock News.

As law enforcement turn to non-lethal weapons, increasingly police are reported  using Taser Guns and other supposed non-lethal weapons against Citizens when it isn’t justified, because they can.  Media recently reported police officers using a Taser Gun on an uncooperative 84-year old grandmother as she lay in bed and Tasered a 64-year old man in his own home because he didn’t want to go to the hospital after falling down. That victim is suing.

Police will increasingly have Ray Guns that burn under human skin from far distances and lasers are close to be developed that can temporarily flash-blind thousands of people from a mile away, e.g. protesters. It is problematic police will unjustifiably use these non-lethal weapons to crush Citizens who lawfully demonstrate for or against any issue.

Historically when governments, their police have been perceived by a population as suppressing free speech, crushing lawful dissent to where Citizens are afraid to speak out or protest on the street, Citizens have gone underground, some becoming violent against any authority that represents the state. When British forces in Northern Ireland excessively used non-lethal force against Irish Catholic populations that caused many Catholics to support or join the IRA.

Non-lethal weapons if not used appropriately by police can trigger the violence the purported non-lethal weapons were meant to stop.

Comment by Randynaz
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This is pretty sad, poor guy...  Its a sad state when you have to be worried more about being shot by cops than anybody else.. 

Comment by Anonymous
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      It is hard for the layman to understand what the 2nd Amendment means – the right of the citizens to keep and bear arms. This murderer in uniform makes it now easy to comprehend this right without the help of lawyers – the right of self-defense. The public now thinks this way: Anyone in this whittling man’s situation may use that constitutional right for self-defense against a wicked officer in uniform whose excuse for being is not to catch criminals but to murder innocent victims. Maybe the man with the knife was a very sick homeless in the streets of Seattle, but I think the policeman with a gun was sicker than the man.  Judging from how the man was murdered by this officer in cold blood, poetic justice would have been served had this innocent man with his constitutional right to bear arms had acted in self-defense by taking down the officer with 4-5 fatal gunshot wounds. I am sure the elimination of this dead misfit from Seattle’s police force would have made the public feel better and safer from the hands of the law perceived to be so mean and dirty.


Comment by G Cone
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Whittling is not a crime. Free the non-violent whittling offenders!