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Rep. Frank faces town hall foe in Mass. primary

• AP
Massachusetts Rep. Barney Frank's retort was an Internet sensation.

Questioned at a town hall last year about the "Nazi policy" of health care reform, Frank told the speaker who made the comment that talking to her was "like arguing with a dining room table." Fast forward to this year, the questioner, Rachel Brown, is challenging the 15-term Democrat's re-election bid.

Brown said her exchange with Frank inspired her to run against him in the Democratic primary in the state's 4th Congressional District.

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Comment by David McElroy
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 Ah yes, Barney "the Weiner" Franks.  The article notes that many voters would like to find " a fresh face in Frank's seat." As I understand it, Barney likes to find a fresh face in his seat regularly... he has a reputation for such things! I wouldn't want to be his intern!

Comment by Anonymous
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Writers like to lampoon this guy.Who could stomach this Barney Frank character who is arrogant to admits in public that he is gay, and whose scandalous homosexual relationship with the directing manager of the nation's colossal mortgage institution led to the worst financial meltdown in history? Fannie Mae-Freddi Mac and Barney Frank are landmarks of this nation's financial red light district. He usually calls his critic mentally inferior compared to him. With his twisted libido as his greatest assets, he is not only extremely unusual but creepy weird. To look for his mind [to understand his weirdness], don't go look for it in his head .. you couldn't locate it there. Find it between his legs.