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Reid tacks on immigration amendment to defense bill

• AP
Sen. Harry Reid announced today that he wants to attach the DREAM Act — which would legalize young immigrants who want to attend college or join the military — to the defense authorization bill next week.

The amendment could become the defense bill's second high-profile add-on, after a provision that would allow an end to the current policy banning gays from serving openly in the military.


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Comment by Chris Broughton
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Taxation is legalized theft committed by organized crime cartels known as "nation states". Immigrants are not the ones robbing the American people of this money. If you don't want immigrants on YOUR property, that's fine. If you don't want immigrants on other peoples property, that's just too bad, why don't you just grow a pair and commit violent acts of aggression against them with your own hands? Does the political process better remove the evil that you advocate form your conscious and allow you to sleep better at night? There is nothing unethical or immoral about immigrating to another country. If a foreign national finds an employer that wants to hire him or her, a landlord that wants to rent to him or her, a homeowner that wants to sell to him or her, etc... as far as I'm concerned they have just as much of a right to be here as Thomas Jefferson did. If you think you have the right to use the filthy, bloody, weapon of politics to attack immigrants/business/citizens simply because they want to peacefully interact with each other without your little mark of the beast, YOU ARE SCUM. Don't take this personally, I was in the same boat with you at one point, then I thought and matured a little and eliminated this fascist philosophy from my mind.