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84-year-old vet suffers broken neck after police takedown

• Central Florida News 13
"I don't think anyone needs to be thrown to the ground and have their neck broken because they were parked in the wrong spot,” said Gabby Aparacio, store customer. “I mean he's an old man.  It doesn't matter if you've been drinking or not. How belligerent can you be?"

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Comment by Ross Wolf
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It would be ridiculous to believe any cop might believe they were in imminent danger from a 84-year old senior Citizen touching them or threatening them with a bare fist, that they had to drag a fragile 84 to the ground, resulting in breaking their neck. Otherwise seniors with mental handicaps, e.g., dementia and Alzheimer's that don’t always take orders from cops would be fair game for police abuse.

Increasingly as police turn to non-lethal weapons they are reported on the news using Taser Guns and other supposed non-lethal weapons against Citizens when it isn’t justified, because they can. It was recently reported that police used a Taser Gun on an uncooperative 84-year old woman while she was in bed.

Police now have Ray Guns that burn and soon laser beams that can temporarily flash-blind thousands of protesters. It is problematic police may unjustifiably use these non-lethal weapons to crush Citizens who lawfully demonstrate for or against any issue.

Historically when a government or its police have been perceived by a population as suppressing free speech, crushing lawful dissent to where Citizens are afraid to protest on the street, Citizens have been driven underground, some becoming violent against any authority that represents the state. When British forces in Northern Ireland excessively used non-lethal force against Irish Catholic populations that caused many Catholics to support or join the IRA.

Non-lethal weapons if not used appropriately by police can trigger the violence the purported non-lethal weapons were meant to stop.