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Arizona deputy’s shooting by drug-runners may have been hoax


The pathologists, Dr. Michael Baden of New York and Dr. Werner Spitz of suburban Detroit, examined photos of the wound released by the sheriff's office. They told The Associated Press on Friday they concluded the bullet was fired from inches away, not at least 25 yards as Puroll said.

It's "a close wound, not a distant wound, based on the appearance of the skin around the wound, which is normally what we forensic pathologists look at," said Baden, a former New York City chief medical examiner currently working for the New York State Police. "We're talking inches, not yards."


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Comment by Chip Saunders
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Total drivel!!

The commentors either have no medical experience at all, or no experience with wound ballistics at all.

A wound from an AK47 at contact distance is EXPLOSIVE. Even from only inches away, it rips and shreds surface layers of flesh separate from the wound track of the projectile itself.

The commentors are idiots!

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