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The stakes are high this November This is the current chant being heard all across this land. Forgive me for raining on everyone's parade, but as someone who has been in the "take back America" movement for the past 14 years, 24/7, I hear this every four years. Stop and think about it. Back in '92, it was "anyone but Clinton," or conversely, "anyone but Bush, Sr."

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     In this mid-term election, people will vote with vengeance to vindicate their painful experiences under both the Republican and Democrat administrations. It is therefore quite surprising for this article to postulate that the American voters “are so afraid to vote your [their] conscious will …” for “the lesser of two evils in office…” Quite the contrary, the degree of hatred in the heart of the American voters will determine the outcome of this mid-term election based on the traumatic experiences they have lately suffered under the respective rule of the Republican and Democratic oligarchies in government. I just wrote about how Americans will express their anger in the ballot.

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