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Flight attendants union upset over new pat-down procedures

• ABC News

According to a union email obtained by ABC15, it tells flight attendants if they opt out of using the body scanner through security and are required to undergo a pat-down to ask the pat-down be conducted in a private area with a witness.

"We don't want them in uniform going through this enhanced screening where their private areas are being touched in public," said Volpe. "They actually make contact with the genital area."

Some passengers have told ABC15 they've already encountered flight delays due to crew members having problems with TSA employees.


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Comment by Ross Wolf
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Is This Just The Beginning of Being X-rayed /Stripped Naked And Having Your Private Body Parts Touched, Patted Down By Government Employees Most Everywhere You Go? Enough! Americans should boycott flying on airlines, that will get their attention.

If Obama has his way, Americans might be X-Ray Scanned not just at airports, it is problematic airport X-ray scans  will lead to government scanning Citizens  boarding trains, cruse ships, buses, entering sports events and and a large array of buildings. Continued Low Radiation Exposure is Accumulative and believed to cause Cancer.

Recently the Obama government purchased hundreds’ of  X-Ray Vans that will be traveling our streets without warrants,  secretly x-raying Americans walking on the street, peering though Citizens’ homes and vehicles, exposing Americans and their families to X-rays. X-ray vans are an affront to privacy, literally allowing government/police to view Citizens naked in their bedrooms. Americans need to ask Obama if independent studies were conducted to determine if Citizens could develop Cancer, if (repeatedly exposed) by police  X-rays when in their vehicles and in their homes? Imagine a government agency every night X-raying someone in their home. Could that pose a serious health risk? It is foreseeable some Citizens will install similar to smoke detectors, sensors that will set off an alarm, if their home or vehicle is  bombarded with X-rays, keeping  records of the level of radiation.

X-Ray Vans can ALSO be positioned to secure perimeters by the military or police to control civil unrest and instances of revolt, to screen and stop Citizens carrying guns, cameras; any item. Why did the government order hundreds X-Ray Vans?

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