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New Jersey Town Bars Sleeping in Public

• Jonathan Turley
The city of Roselle, New Jersey has passed a new law criminalizing the act of sleeping in public. Police Chief Paul Morrison insists that he is only going to use it against homeless people but that may be a statement that city lawyers will come to regret in court.

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Comment by tittiger
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I also  recently saw a cop write a guy a ticket in Springfield MO for nodding of at a free concert in a public park!

Land of the Free my Arse...

Comment by tittiger
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Where the H$ll has the author been?

 Laws like this have existed for decades all over the freaking county in order to screw the homeless! 

Usually you are arrested for sleeping in your car and then they take the car and all of your belongings by charging vehicle storage fees you can not afford. I personally have experienced this in Yuma AZ and San Diego CA.