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Airport Screeners: Denied radiation badges?

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I continue to wonder why those TSA folks who stand by x-ray machines for a whole day do not know how much radiation they are exposed to. Last weekend, one of them told me she asked for a common radiation badge and was told she could not wear one.

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Comment by Trouser Chili
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"Sure the baggage x-ray machines are supposed to emit no “harmful” levels of radiation, but how would we know if they are working properly, or how much the workers are actually receive, if they are not allowed to wear them. Or better yet, why are they not required to wear them for their own safety?"

Because if they wore them and found out how much they were getting irradiated, they wouldn't do the job anymore!!!  Duh!

Comment by Anonymous
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Let the little nazi buy her own and keep it in her pocket - until it turns.

These people deserve what they get.