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Karen Kwiatkowski: The Proper Response to Wikileaks

Hillary Clinton approves a State Department-wide command to surreptitiously collect DNA and credit card numbers on UN representatives and other diplomats. This particular case is breathtakingly Nuremburgian. The order Hilary was transmitting was already government policy – the great Diplomat Herself was just following orders. And certainly, any of us common folk who watch enough CSI to be dangerous know that collection of DNA samples with chain of custody procedures that will stand up in court is not something we would automatically trust to a bunch of pinstripers at State. Beyond that, the rest of us who watch COPS know that taking people’s credit card numbers without their knowledge and permission is a crime. Now that we know what they are trying to do, the proper reaction is to giggle and glance at each other while we check our pockets, handbags, backpacks and satchels for our wallets and watches whenever we find ourselves near a government representative. Of course, air travelers in this country have been doing just that for some time. But the sweet lesson here is that a government goon is a government goon, just following orders, no matter where they buy their suits. Our ability to quickly recognize that government goon is increasingly unifying average Americans, and strengthening us. As our government goonar continues to develop, the game becomes more fun, and funnier. Cablegate improves everyone’s goonar!

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Comment by Lola Flores
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So, what dichya think?  Those of us who have been watching this thing unravel told ya so.  See, when y'all were so busy defending this and that taking of your civil rights and making you "safe" and torturing, killing, invading, bombing and kidnapping others for "your own good" we told ya that it would only be a matter of time before they decide who the "terrorist" is and one day, it'll be you.  But, hey, y'all labeled us "paranoid" and laughed at us.  See, who's laughing now, eh, baby, who's laughing now?

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