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Iron Makes Toxic Blooms in Ocean

• arclein
A team of marine scientists has found that toxin-producing algae once thought to be limited to coastal waters are also common in the open ocean, where the addition of iron from natural or artificial sources can stimulate rapid growth of the harmful algae.

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Comment by Annie Oakley
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Well, would you look at this! Same thing they did a few years back! Do you remember the newspaper articles plus media coverage reporting Scripts School of Oceanography and other universities stating they'd never seen so many forms of ocean life die? Seals dead all over the beaches from S.D. to Ventura, dolphins, and too many other species of ocean life to list -- DEAD! With pressure from Senator John Shadegg of Arizona, it was stopped! So here we go again!! STOP spraying our skies with chemicals to control weather! STOP experimenting with our ocean, i.e., pouring massive amounts of iron that kills countless sea life. STOP pouring "dispersants" in the Gulf whenever an oil spill occurs which poisons the sea, sea life and human life (happening already)! And, STOP adding fluoride, lithium and 70K other contaminates to our drinking water! DISSOLVE the EDP and other worthless agencies run by madmen!