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Karl Denninger: You're Paying Your Mortgage..... Why?

These banks all claim there is no "real problem" with securitization, there are no pernicious issues with paperwork not being in order, it's all on the up and up, yet we continue to see filings like this, and these filings - extreme measures, lawsuits even - come only after reasonable attempts to communicate with these institutions and resolve problems are met with STONEWALLING and games - even when, as is alleged here, there is evidence that the loan in question was paid in full and discharged! Had enough yet? This is all "minor paperwork errors" and "nobody has lost their home" (or been unjustly harassed, dunned and threatened for money they do not owe, right?) AGAIN: WHY ARE ANY OF YOU PAYING ANY OF THESE BANKS ANYTHING? WHY ARE STATE REGULATORS AND ATTORNEYS GENERAL NOT FORCING ALL OF THESE LOANS THROUGH THE COURT SYSTEM AND MAKING THESE SO-CALLED ALLEGED "CREDITORS" COME TO COURT AND PROVE THE PROVENANCE OF THEIR CLAIMED "DEBTS" WITH A FULL AND UNBROKEN CHAIN OF ASSIGNMENTS? HOW MANY MORE TIMES DO WE NEED TO SEE THIS BEFORE IT IS STOPPED? THE ONLY WAY WE ARE GOING TO GET THESE INSTITUTIONS' ATTENTION, AND THAT OF THE LAWMAKERS AND LAW ENFORCEMENT BODIES IN THIS NATION, IS WHEN THE PEOPLE OF THIS COUNTRY REFUSE TO PAY ANY OF THESE BANKS ONE SINGLE DIME - OWED OR NOT - UNTIL ALL OF THIS CRAP STOPS AND EVERY ONE OF THESE "DEBTS" HAS ITS PROVENANCE PROVED UP IN A COURT OF LAW.