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US Government Can't Account For $55 Billion Spent In Afghanistan

Yet no one can say with any authority or precision how that money was spent and who profited from it. Most of the funds were funneled to a vast array of U.S. and foreign contractors. But according to a recent audit by the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR), there is no way of knowing whether the money went for the intended purposes. “The audit shows that navigating the confusing labyrinth of government contracting is difficult, at best,” SIGAR said in releasing the audit. “USAID, the State Department and the Pentagon are unable to readily report on how much money they spend on contracting for reconstruction activities in Afghanistan.” One large part of the problem is that the United States is not demanding accountability for outgoing funds from U.S. companies which have little incentive to fully disclose where the U.S. money is going. Add to this the many Afghan companies that have minimal accounting capabilities and you have a recipe for a massive misappropriation of funds. The money flows from Washington to Afghanistan, with little oversight and accountability, and at every step along the way someone else takes a cut.

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In effect persons in U.S. Government said, “Contractors and others, you can have $55Billion U.S.Taxpayer Dollars” and don’t keep records we can audit, because we won’t require that.” Either some in U.S. Government are stupid or complicit helping $55Billion disappear. Meanwhile the government is trying to jack up our taxes! With part of $55Billion unaccounted for, corrupt contractors or others could buy a government, perhaps Congress, finance a coup to take over a country. Should Law Enforcement be investigating U.S. Government officials and employees for being paid kickbacks;  investigating contractors for possible graph and paying kickbacks U.S. Government employees for purposely letting $55Billion vanish. Just three years ago, it was discovered and reported $8.2 Billion of Iraq oil sale money vanished from a U.S. Government bank account maintaining the oil funds; U.S. Government's CPA had one set of books that included computer copies of oil sales invoices, that inexplicably vanished. No wonder government insists on fighting wars they can’t win.

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