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Dennis Kucinich: My congressional district may be eliminated


The New York Times, Newsweek, and Fox News have all recently headlined stories that I may lose my Congressional seat, not through an election, but through redistricting!

Due to the new census figures, Ohio will lose two seats in Congress. The Ohio Legislature (Republican) will redraw the map with 16 instead of 18 districts for the 2012 Election. Speculation nationally, and more importantly, in Ohio is that my district may be eliminated, absorbed into parts of other districts. Keep in mind, given the early Ohio primary, the filing deadline could be only a year away.

You have helped to make possible my presence in the Congress through seven terms, and carried me through some hotly contested elections. I am very grateful for your continued support. I am also very grateful to the people of Ohio’s 10th District for the privilege of serving.

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Comment by Ned Delaney
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Hoosiers will well remember Congressional Democrat Floyd Fithian, former Purdue history professor who took on long term Republican Earl Langrebe, who was finally defeated partially due to his own questionable politics. (I might add a personal note to the effect that Congress has a distinct dislike of academics in its fold.) In response, the Indiana Republican dominated legislature split this district four different ways, hence eliminating the Fithian district. …. As for comments suggesting Kucinich supports present TSA policy, is against a 9/11 investigation, and/or supports run away military spending, either this individual is sadly misinformed or has other motives for even suggesting such.