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Espionage Act ‘threatens every left wing activist,’ son of executed US communists declares

As US officials investigated whether they can charge WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange under the 1917 US Espionage Act, a voice of remarkable experience with the controversial law spoke out in defense of the secrets proprietor, suggesting his indictment under the act would yet again transform "dissent into treason."
Robert Meeropol's parents were Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, two communists who became the first Americans to be executed under the Espionage Act, amid the country's descent into McCarthyism. Their sentences were carried out in 1953, after they were found guilty of conspiracy to commit espionage by passing nuclear secrets to the Soviet Union.

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Comment by Ned The Head
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Temper, it's not altogether uncommon to find this utterly outmoded thought pattern from the old left. There's still plenty of "phoney left-right paradigm" out there but it's shifting. For one thing, we (wingnuts, etc.) weren't a factor in the days of Howard Zinn et al. Well now we're a factor.

At this point the left seems to be rifting in a way kind of like we are at the moment, but they are variously factoring us. You can see it any day of the week, but the most amusing interpretation seems to be that state power if just dandy-do when it comes to repressing us hateful gun nuts whereas it obviously sucks when applied to leftists. But these voices ring increasingly shrill among more reasoned and even centrist responses like "they have a point or two". 

And frankly, most of the leftists we could really give a hoot about, the intellectually honest among them, Wolf, Hamsher, Sheehan, Kucinich, we've rubbed elbows and exchanged cordialities with on many occasions. Winnowing it down, our hard core detractors on the left are just that old socialist bloc, still utterly convinced that the proletariat will rise to power, sweeping them into the dictatorship of the masses.

So who cares? At least they are activating around the issue. What loss to us if the left once again starts mistrusting "the man"? It would be almost like they are coming to their senses.

Comment by Anonymous
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It is not just the 'left' that has to worry but the 'right' as well - as the Government grinds its heel harder into the Constitution in an all out effort to protect its incompetency, lies, and crimes.

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