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“The Birds”: Mapping The Global Mass Animal Deaths Graveyard


The Birds: Mapping The Global Mass Animal Deaths Graveyard


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Comment by Annie Oakley
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In "What in the World Are They Spraying?" DVD, Dr. Philip Rasch (geo-engineer who promotes legalizing weather control programs that BTW they refuse to admit have been going on for decades), states: "We see that even though we might make the average temperature of the planet about right, the rainfall patterns change some from today, and some places become more warmer and some places become cooler so there are going to be winners and losers in this geo-engineering activity if we were to do it. But nevertheless, as David (Dr. David Keith) has said, 'There are reasons why we might consider doing it.'" Geo-engineering includes HAARP and chemtrailing. Well isn't this for the birds! Guess fish, birds, mammals (beached whales), and other unexplained mass animal deaths . . are the losers! As for we humans -- guess we're at their mercy as well to be either "losers" or "winners" in their insane geo-engineering program! These mad scientists, engineers and depopulation crowd need to be exposed NOW! AND their blatant statement -- "There are reasons why we might consider doing it." REASONS??? Their agenda is to get the world to go along with this insane program to control the weather via geo-engineering and convince us that it's best to have it managed by one-party . . enter the United Nations! You may see these recent bird/fish (and who knows what else) reports as a means to prove "Climate Disruption" -- alias "Climate Change" . . alias "global warming!" And the administration claiming to be environmentally-friendly and against pollution will continue to spray an unknowing population with tens of thousands of tons of aluminum, barium, etc. daily and the unfortunate birds, fish and public can be damned! We're just the "losers" in their insanity! For those of you who "get it" and have connected the dots . . please help others to understand!

Comment by Corey Lang
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15,000 dead rainbow trout in New Hampshire hatchery. -aead-446d-a105-1f4a28845438

Comment by Powell Gammill
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Add 40,000 crabs on a UK beach: