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US urges Europe to open market to GM foods

A top US trade official said she will bang down the door of the European Commission Thursday in a bid to break a long-standing impasse blocking the march of genetically-modified foods. "When Europeans come to the United States, they come and enjoy our cuisine without any fears," Deputy US Trade Representative Miriam Sapiro told an audience of policymakers in Brussels ahead of talks with European Union trade commissioner Karel De Gucht's senior officials. "Why should we have different standards in Europe? That alone is a reason to change position. "I will be raising that issue today -- it is important to address, and to continue to press the commission to go the right way. Decisions on GM foods need to be science-based," she insisted, underlining her confidence in US safety standards.

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Thanks for keeping us updated on "Monsanto." Scary! that all food will be controlled and owned by Monsanto!