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Obama Pencils In $37 Billion Budget Increase For DHS, Naked Body Scanners

“The U.S. Transportation Security Administration hopes to buy more full-body scanners to detect explosives and other weapons potential attackers may hide on their bodies that cannot be detected by traditional metal detectors.” the Reuters reports suggests, failing to highlight the fact that the body scanners do not even have such capabilities according to their manufacturers. Experts have dismissed the devices as “useless”, have repeatedly warned that the machines cannot detect explosive material effectively and would not have prevented the Christmas Day bomber from boarding Flight 253. Add to this the ongoing safety concerns of respected scientists, and one is left asking why is the government ploughing billions into technology that is ineffective and potentially dangerous? The answer is security theatre.

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Governments run by psychopaths show evidence of psychopathy: Lies and wanting to know everybody's secrets while wanting to hide all information about themselves. The TSA is a perfect example of psychopathy in government, just as Obama is a perfect example of a psychopath in a position of political power.

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