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Randi Rhodes-One more reason to love FRIDAY: tomorrow I'll be interviewing Ron Paul

• Randi Rhodes
Randi Rhodes to interview Ron Paul Friday KPHX 1480 Friday 2/18 Don't see a time but she is on from 1 PM to 4 PM

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Comment by Chris Wagner
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2:18 Ron Paul canceled on us today, but should be on next week. Thanks for all the feedback... will keep you posted! 2 hours ago


Comment by G Cone
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Wow I read some of the comments there and those people have some, ahem, interesting and crazy ideas about economics. Some of them though just seemed be completely ignorant of what Ron Paul is about. Perhaps his appearance on her show will straighten them out. The wanted her to ask him questions like, "if he's for the middle class why does he vote for the republicans?" Since when does Ron Paul vote with Republicans, or anyone else? Ron Paul votes with liberty.