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It is difficult to conceive of how a nation that was founded to defend individual rights and liberties has moved so far from its moorings that it has now embraced exporting democracy and nation building worldwide as its principal raison d’etre.  Common sense and human decency together dictate that Egypt, Tunisia, and Libya, having suffered so much, should be allowed to establish their own forms of government.  But if you had hoped that the United States would just let the Egyptians and others get on with the process and elect a representative parliament, you would be wrong. When President Barack Obama speaks of a transition in North Africa he really means a guided journey to a form of government that has all the politically correct safeguards that he esteems modeled on western democracy combined with little or no room for any party that has "Islamic" in its name.

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Comment by PureTrust
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If you are talking about America moving "so far from its moorings" then here's the simple answer.

The whole United States Government system was designed so that the individual States and their State Governments would be a buffer between the people and the Federal Government. People were not originally supposed to have contact with the Federal Government except through their State Governments, and through the people they elected to Federal Government office.

The only other way that the Federal Government could have anything to do with the people was through individual contract... a thing both the people and the Government are allowed to do.

A few daring souls started contracting with the Federal Government way back. It spread until today everybody is contracted through Social Security. Now that we are all contracted with Fed. Gov., the Constitution holds sway only in the light of that Social Security contracting.

If you ever wonder where Government gets some of the authority over you that it has, it's that the contract - Social Security Administration Law - gives it to them, even though you never knew about it. It's written on their end. All they can do is obey the terms of the contract, even though you don't even know what those terms are, because you never even read Social Security Administration Law.

Virtually, should you want to get out from that contract, the only way is to dissolve it formerly, by showing that the Fed. Gov. acted fraudulently by not completely disclosing everything that you were enjoining yourself to when you signed the contract... such as the change in the way you are protected by the Constitution. This might be the only way to get out. Not eve renouncing your citizenship can get you out.

Other than that, you might learn the law and use the SS contract to your advantage. But it is a lot of learning. Are you ready to learn that much law?