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Rumor Mill: Obama To Nominate General Petraeus To Head CIA

If Petraeus is allowed to move to CIA, look for him to once again wipe his failure-laden slate clean and jump onto the drone bandwagon. The role of training local troops will disappear from what will “save” our efforts in Afghanistan, and the entire US press will be filled with adulation for the brave keyboard warriors in CIA who kill evil brown people from afar with missiles fired from drones. The reason for this is that Petraeus’ entire career has been built by leaks that he himself has fashioned in self-promotion. And now the guy who has built his career on leaks is being considered to head CIA? Say it ain’t so! Why does Obama feel such a need to put war-mongering Republicans in positions of responsibility in his government? Is it because in his heart of hearts, Obama is a war-mongering Republican? Putting Petraeus in charge of CIA would make that statement loud and clear.

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Gee, what a surprise.  

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