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ANOTHER NAIL IN THE MAN-MADE GLOBAL WARMING COFFIN: NASA admits all previous warming trends caused b

• Terrence Aym
Under mounting pressure from scientists that reject the politically popularized man-made global warming and climate models—the Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) theory—the American space agency NASA has admitted that all past warming trends were driven by solar activity. As more scientists have joined the outcry over the politicization of Earth's climate cycles—the current number exceeds 20,000—promoters of the AGW model have denounced the "global warming deniers" countering that little evidence supports the view that the sun is driving the observed warming trend. Now, however, new study released from NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland measuring the global temperature variance during the past 100 years has found the sun's heat and variable cycles have indeed made a significant, measurable impact and greatly influenced Earth's climate. In fact, the influence extends as far back as the Industrial Revolution...

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Comment by Ed Donner
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So you use a Helium story to try to refute- once again- human caused global warming.

Well here is a hint- anyone, including big petroleum, big coal, etc., can create a Helium account and write anything they want. And anyone who has studied this issue knows that the Petroleum and Coal industries and their funded 'Think Tanks' have spent BILLIONS of dollars over the past 10 years sending out people, pr firms and paid off quack scientists to refute the facts of climate change.

Funny that I don't see a link in the story to the NASA site. That's because there is a ton of evidence on it that shows clear proof of anthropogenic global climate change.

Now why don't you try working for the Real People out there - instead of being an industry shill?

Here is your proof right here.

Comment by Rd dy
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This being on, we can assume that the article is meta-journalism; second hand reporting. Yet it's particularly awful, because the author provides no links back to his source material.