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Elementary students feel breast implants


HENRICO, VA (WWBT) – Some angry Henrico parents are demanding answers after their kids were allowed to feel a breast implant at school It was all a part of Shady Grove Elementary's Career Day last Friday, but some parents feel things went a bit too far.

We found out the kids were supposed to be learning about a career in plastic surgery, but some parents feel that is a bit too much for elementary students. They feel they should have been warned.

At Shady Grove Elementary School, it's a show and tell, many are still talking about. Some parents are outraged after a local plastic surgeon let students feel breast implants as part of his presentation.

"I would not have been happy with it nor would I have agreed with it," said Shady Grove parent, Jacquie Kelley.

And she's not the only one. Many parents have vented their frustration with the situation on Facebook.

"I'm still shocked and appalled that my 9-year-old saw and touched a breast implant," one parent writes.

"I'm shocked too," writes another parent. "That should have been discussed before presenting to the children!!"

"Career day sure isn't what it once was," adds another.

Students tell us that the lesson was informative and that the local plastic surgeon attends career day every year. Parents are concerned though that having a plastic surgeon at an elementary school is sending the wrong message."

"I think they're a little young to be having this discussion and with everything going on with body issues and everything else and bullying and stuff like that you don't need to add that to the mix," said Kelley.

Kelley is thankful her 10 year old daughter missed career day this year but still heard other students talking about the breast implant show and tell. We talked to a mother whose son actually felt the implant. She wasn't as concerned.

"I think if he was talking about it in the medical sense and trying to explain to him that sometimes this happens to people then I'm comfortable with that," said Marie Bradt.

Comfortable or not, these parents are questioning whether the prop was necessary.

"Should they bring the implant next year?" asked NBC 12's Evrod Cassimy.

"Probably not," replied Bradt.


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Comment by Ken Valentine
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 On the other hand, I have often thought . . . sometimes thought . . . the thought occurred to me once; how much happier a place the world would be if breast implants came pre-fitted with those little squeaker thingies they put in dog toys.

Think about it: imagine people (myself included) falling off of park benches laughing whenever an "enhanced" jogger went bouncing by.

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