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You Will Submit: In The Name Of Security, TSA Plans To X-Ray Our Feet

The Transportation Security Administration is soliciting new footwear-scanning technology so travelers can keep their laces tied and their heels strapped. “TSA is continuing to work with DHS (Department of Homeland Security) Science & Technology to identify mature shoe-scanning technology to support a future procurement which will eliminate the need for passengers to remove their shoes at the checkpoint,” said Jon Allen, spokesman for the Transportation Security Administration in Atlanta. The new technology could be tested by National Safe Skies Alliance located at McGhee Tyson Airport. “When evaluating the performance of technology such as shoe scanners, TSA often prefers to have systems independently tested,” said Scott Broyles, president and CEO of the Alcoa-based nonprofit organization that supports testing of aviation security technologies and processes. Safe Skies, established in 1997, has conducted more than 250 such independent tests for the federal government. “If contacted by TSA, we would certainly consider such a project” testing footwear scanners, Broyles said. TSA issued a presolicitation notice and is scheduled on April 25 to request proposals for producing a Shoe Scanning Device (SSD) system. The SSD system would be expected to be capable of detecting threat objects concealed in footwear...

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Comment by stupid Amerkin
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 I think it should just be made law that no one flies with clothes on. Wouldn't this make the over worked TSA agents job, (just doing their job) a little eaiser?

Also a great medical plan. You get a free X-Ray and if you mention Al-Quida you will also get a colonostomy.

Comment by Olde Reb
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sixty years ago, the shoe manufacturers had to stop using x-ray machines to confirm correct shoe size purchases. 

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