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Nevada SB 412 to make felons out of natural health practitioners

Here’s another piece of the steamroller being perpetrated by those God-fearing, bible quoting, God is moving on my heart, Republicans. Another state under siege by Republican legislators as they do their part in the nationwide assault on natural healthcare practices and implement a backdoor Codex Alimentarius. “Dirty Harry” Reid(D) did his part by passing the fake food safety bill with one “unanimous” vote, on the Federal level, accomplished with every Democrat and Republican Senator other than himself voluntarily exiting the Senate chamber before the vote. That bill included the query of “How and whether to implement Codex Alimentarius”. Well, now we know how they will do it. Not quite successful in handing our right to choose the healthcare of our choice over to international interests including Codex Alimentarius, “Dirty Harry” is now stepping aside in this assault on our rights and handing the next assault over to Republicans who are happily complying. (And you thought there were two political parties!) In virtually every state simultaneously, are bills criminalizing anything but state sanctioned and approved healthcare choices, brought to you by the Republican party with a few stray Democrats thrown in. (Have to make it appear “bi-partisan, you know)

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