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Martial Law in the Land of Confusion!

Real unemployment as calculated by the well-respected John Williams at Shadow Government Statistics is 22%, which means that approximately 33,000,000 people are now out of work. The government is only reporting 8.8% by its fraudulent U-3 method, or 13,000,000. When this many people are out of work, a huge drain on the system is the result, and desperation takes hold. The U.S. killing machine is now openly advancing aggressive wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya, and is covertly involved in military actions in several other countries. Besides murdering innocents abroad, the cost to run the military and to prosecute these immoral wars is over a trillion dollars a year. Predator drones are being used to murder people in the Middle East on a regular basis, but they are also being used for domestic law enforcement. These computer game-like spying drones can be used for surveillance, and they can also be used for target killing. The fact that they are flying over our towns and cities is frightening. Our money is being purposely destroyed every single day so that this corrupt government can monetize the massive debt it created. The Federal Reserve is a most willing accomplice in this scheme to bankrupt our society. If in fact our money continues to lose value at this pace, and massive or hyperinflation is the result, our wealth will simply disappear. The state governments are in deep trouble as well, and they don’t have the power of the printing press to temporarily cover up their mistakes. State pensions are broke in some cases, and vastly underfunded for future obligations in most others. When the checks stop going out, frustration and anger will take over. The TSA gropes, fondles, and intimidates those traveling daily. This is done to instill fear, and to habituate the sheep like populace into a herd mentality. It is meant to turn the citizens into serfs.

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