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Man watches massive SWAT style raid on his house from local bar

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Police surrounded a man’s house after one of his “friends” warned the cops that he might be suicidal.  Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on your perspective) the guy was down the street at a bar watching the whole thing on TV.

Negotiators called his home, but eventually got him on his cell phone. The chief said he never told investigators he was not inside his house.

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Comment by Jeffery Scism
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Apparently the guy  is under psychiatric investigation for complicity in the Hoax. 


Today's news (Oak Forest Illinois) says his friend made the original call stating  he was suicidal and wanted to hurt authorities. They brought in the Police from 20 communities to do the SWAT raid. The news story (May 9, 2011) doesn't reflect the quotes from the article above. In stories like this we have to be careful that what is first reported is accurate, and  wait until things sort out.